About us

We use unique, custom-built tools to save you time, money, and frustration.

Commercial & Medical Services, Inc. has been collecting receivables throughout the nation for the past 38 years. Our clients include some of the most recognized banks and financial institutions in the U.S., Texas and Colorado, as well as governmental agencies, hospitals, and medical groups.

Our client list

We are proud of our client list which includes: Frost Bank; The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; River City Federal Credit Union; Cardiology Clinic of San Antonio; Generations Federal Credit Union, plus many public and private hospitals; medical groups; privately practicing physicians; medical service providers; medical billing services; banks and credit unions as well as commercial and retail businesses.

Highly recommended

We are a professional agency with a top management team that has over a 100 years of combined experience in the collection industry. Fully bonded and insured, Commercial & Medical Credit Services, Inc. treats all funds collected as true trust funds: Using state-of-the-art collection service software, funds are accurately maintained in separate trust accounts and precisely accounted for until all amounts due our clients have been paid. We are proud of our record. Unlike many collection agencies, Commercial & Medical Credit Services, Inc. does not access our fees until our clients have been paid in full. No client has ever lost funds collected by Commercial & Medical Credit Services, Inc.

Featuring an in-house Texas lawyer

Because CMC has an in-house Texas lawyer, we are able to send attorney letters to debtors. Our commitment to our clients is that we will account for every dollar collected; we will maintain accurate records on all activities for each account assigned to us, and we will work hard to turn your receivables into money for you.

Working with us is easy.

You may transfer accounts to us electronically, via our website, or by mail. Monthly you will receive detailed statements and reports confirming accounts assigned to us; a report detailing the current status of each account and a billing statement detailing all payments collected for the preceding 30-day period. Checks for your portion of funds collected during the preceding billing period are sent on the first of each month. For your convenience, checks are “net checks” with our agreed upon contingency fee and sales taxes already deducted. Fee structures are on a contingency basis and are determined by age, size and volume of accounts. CMC assumes full responsibility for collecting all of your accounts receivables.