Why CMC?

Commercial & Medical Credit Services, Inc. has state-of-the-art collection software that enables us to manage and work your accounts efficiently.

Collect your money and retain your customers or patients
Commercial & Medical Credit Services, Inc. understands your need to maintain good customer/patient relations. CMC uses a firm, but respectful professional approach that has proven highly effective in collecting accounts, while not alienating customers or patients.

Increase your cash flow
CMC will generate revenue from accounts you are unable to collect; revenue that will contribute to the financial profitability of your business. Our management team is highly effective at training our staff and turning your overdue receivables into cash.

Frees your office staff for more productive activities
Statistically, 10% of accounts receivables are responsible for 90% of past due billing problems. When these accounts are turned over to CMC, your staff is free to focus on other duties, thereby reducing your overhead expenses.

Pay less for services
All CMC services are available to Bexar County Medical Society members at a 10% discount. Additional discounts may apply to clients that provide account information to us electronically.

Receive detailed statements and reports
Commercial & Medical Credit Services, Inc. is a fully computerized collection service that obtains account information, tracks collection progress and provides up-to-date computerized reports to its clients.